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Green Points


Earn Green Points: The currency of the future

Green points are an innovative idea. It is a measure of the time and energy you give to your life and the environment. You along with the other community member can earn green points for practically every good deed that you perform collectively in a community. You can earn green points for practically every good deed that you perform. These deeds or acts of courage, as we would like to call them are rewarded green points based on the time and the intensity of the effort.

What's more:
When you Join as a member, we immediately transfer 101 points to your account!

Sharing Green points
What's the point of earning if you can't share?
Besides earning Green Points, Geebsys also provides you the opportunity to enjoy the joy of sharing your Points. Consider it like a game of Monopoly - where you invest some & reap some gains thereafter.
You can gift your points to an individual, or an organization
You can buy a commodity / service from other users/organizations offering benefits for the green points.
You can even advertise your green points on your website, social profile, brochures and other media
Green Points are the currency of the future but unlike traditional currency, sharing this wealth never depletes you.
Start collecting your Green Points now! We assure you, this joy of giving will enrich your life and help build a meaningful existence for you and for your society.
You become richer by sharing. YES , IT'S TRUE
1. Join now and create your personal account with us.
2. Instantly earn 101 points.
3. Update and upload your Green activities.
4. Team Geebsys will reward you Green Points.
5. Share the Geebsys movement with your friends and contacts
6. Earn more points for sharing
7. Redeem/share your green points for a bigger, better, richer life

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