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Let's Work Together

  • I curse the government for its malicious strategies every morning.
  • I nurse my child when she gets sick by drinking contaminated water.
  • I see a girl child dying in the womb every day.
  • I scandalize seeing the count of tigers go down
  • I worry realizing the drastic effects of global warming each moment.
  • But I fail to make the change! I fail to step ahead! I fail to fight each day!

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things
- Mother Teresa

That enlightened moment when you realize, "This is it. I have to do something!" - is when the nation changes, the world changes. It takes only one person to start something. It was Dashrath Manjhi, the 'Mountain man', who for his village, for his people, spent 22 years carving a path through the 25ft hill using only a hammer and a chisel!


Are you already part of an initiative? - planting trees, helping the elderly, feeding the street dog
... anything that makes you human.
Do you know someone who is part of an initiative?
Tell them about Geebsys - Making the betterment of society and the ecology at large, as a Geebsys member, you can continue doing the good that you are part of and also be rewarded with Green points for the same.

Geebsys believes that we need to come out of our comfort zones and together create a harmonious environment. We harness your efforts with green points . These green points serve like a badge of honour. They are the currency of the future - your company name, visiting card, social media platform and even at merchandising outlets - you can exchange, gift, buy green points. Together, we help you make a difference.


Tree provide life-giving oxygen to the planet. Planting a tree is a gift to environment & as well as to our future generations.   However, for a tree to survive long enough to reach full maturity, it must get a healthy head start with a proper planting. This activity includes each step of the planting process from digging the hole to watering techniques. No special or sophisticated tools are required for performing this activity.
It may be note that planting a seed is not covered under this activity. Planting of only saplings / trees of larger size is covered. The procedure to plant a sapling is as follows:
Step (1) : Mark the ground
Step (2) : Dig the hole
Step (3) : Measure the depth of the hole
Step (4) : Position the sapling/tree
Step (5) : Loosen densely packed soil
Step (6) : Backfill the hole
Step (7) : Water the plant

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