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Any individual /company/organization(NGO/School etc.) who wish to contribute to society with their work, or promote it, or both.


Your actual participation is your effort to do good Once you decide then you are just a click away from your contribution. Register and become a member of the geebsys family. Login every time you have to submit whatever you do.

Individual can perform socially useful work and earn green points.If you are a celebrity or a leader, then you may step forward to promote social work under the event/ scheme and earn green points.


Organisation can be a company , an NGO or any government body etc. 

  • As an organisation you can fund various socially useful events. This platform will help you find individuals and groups who will help you in performing those events. In return, they will earn green points. You will then buy their green points by offering them discounted products/services. Therefore in effect, you will be promoting your products and services. The more green points you earn, better will be the Company’s image in the society for promoting social causes.
  • For an NGO, this platform will enable you to get associated with companies and individuals who can provide monetory and material help .The NGO as a whole or its members will earn green points for every work performed. The NGO or its members can exchange those green points with companies in return for discounted products/services, or they can retain those green points for projecting their image in the society.


These activities can be done under event promotion or by own will. Either you perform individually or as team/group. The aim is to have these activities or any sort of contribution in real and in its true form. 

Note: User work will be considered valid to site only when the user will add their social work.


Once the work is approved the user can transfer green points through these two ways:

  • User can transfer their work from the social work list.
  • User can credit their green points of that work & transfer the points from the total green points.


The joy of doing good to others always benefits an individual. But with Geebsys, along with moral satisfaction you are rewarded with green points for every socially useful work done by you as an individual or as a whole group/community/organisation/company. Therefore, you can participate with two different aims:

  • Perform work for earning green points, which you will eventually exchange for a material reward.
  • Collect green points from other individuals/groups by offering them material rewards, or by promoting events (as a celebrity). Project those collected green points to the society to promote your image as socially active company/individual.


The person or group earning the green points can exchange these green points with another individual or a company in return for a material benefit, such as discounted products/services.


Firstly, user has to submit their work. Once the work is approved by the approvers , the user can transfer or credit the green points of their approved work. Activities done under events promotions are transferred within that time, to avail or redeem the promotional scheme.

Any User conducting any activity under specific event code can exchange their gained green points from that activity to the organisation who is conducting that upcoming event in exchange for some benefits. Either user can transfer their work from the social work list or can credit their green points of that work & can transfer the points from the total green points.


1. Organisation of the activity is also the approver of the activity.

2. In case of individual activities the individual needs to register two from the community as approvers. 


Category is the broaden work area provided for activities. It includes all the aspects of work, which classifies & divide into different areas.

Activity is the part of sub category. It includes various activities to be done by the individual. More activities will be added with time. An social activity once done is considered useful/beneficial to the society or the environment at large.


Green Points represent the value of any Social Work performed.  Green points are the golden points provided to the user on the completion as well submission of work done by them. These points will be credited in the account after the work is approved.

It stores the record of the green points credited to your account. which is not related to any activity.


Any Individual or an organization or NGO, the one who performs the role of verifying and approving the social work carried out by the users. Approver is the one who approves the activity, when it is actually done on ground.


This column is for approvers. It will constitute the list of activities/ works to be approved by approvers.


Upcoming events is the connotative term under which activities can be done & green points will be rewarded. Any User can conduct its promotional scheme event in exchange of green points through various activities like planting of trees, helping the poor , protecting animals etc.


The act of transferring Green Points from one’s own account to the other in exchange for some benefit which can be done in gift, donation / offering or can be for sale on any other basis.


It records all the work add by the user under promotional scheme or by self interest.. Which includes, the pending, approved & disapproved work.

The process of buying/transferring or selling/transferring or gifting Green Points fall under this.  The user can transfer the work or green points to another user in exchange for some benefits or as a gift .


  • If organisation is conducting the activity, the organisation can appoint any approver.
  • If individual is working on its own, then the head /president /speaker/ chairperson of the society can approve the work.


Activity will be authenticated by the approver for that activity, which can be of specific location or being the in charge of that activity under the specific promotional scheme.


Location depends on the type of activity.  If activity is done under event promotion then the location can be given or if not then activity done in your own specific area will be considered. There must be an assigned approver for that location or any approver who is the current in charge of conducting the specific activity for the specific location.