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Who Are We

Geebsys was a concept that took shape on 10th March 2014 through one person's initiation but immediately saw the support of individuals from sectors such as technology, education, developers, CSR professionals and many more. Each one of them with their collective energies crafted an online platform for people to comprehensively understand the needs of society and the role that they can play.

Vision of Visionary

A philanthropist and an environmentalist by choice, Shri Virandar Mohan is a visionary in the true sense. Inspired by the values and social initiatives undertaken by his father, late Shri Ram lal Sharma, Virander Mohan has always understood his responsibility towards society - social, environmental and economic while continuing all his ventures. An industrialist by profession and a social worker by passion, Shri Virander Mohan has always set an example by adopting various eco-friendly measures to save his immediate environment and the earth from any harm and damage. His endeavours have lead him to motivate others to follow the same.

In 1995, he invested in the effluent treatment plant (ETP) i.e. industrial waste water treatment plant that was a huge initiative at the time; it not only helped in reducing soil & water pollution but also resulted in an overall development of the factory environment. It was mystery for him that people in the society only spoke of material gain often with complete disregard for the earth that they were destroying. Taking cue from this, he thought of a world where each individual would feel a need to save and preserve nature and life. So was born the Global Ecology Economy Balancing System (GEEBSYS).

Why can't we become the change we desire to see? questions, Shri Virander Mohan. His vision is simple - to pass on a sustainable world to our future generations. In order to realize this vision, our aim needs to be to inspire, encourage and motivate everyone to come forward and join in with their genuine efforts. Through innovation & technology, Geebsys acts as a support system where one can:

  • Promote activities benefitting society-like events run by RWA & other communities
  • Make your contribution by doing your bit
  • Get a structured platform to report the time & energy invested for conducting ISR(Individual Social Responsibility) /CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.
  • Find connections, build associations & spread awareness about your cause/mission/organisation/NGO
  • Help create a happy, healthy and an enriching society