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Last Updated 18 February, 2016

Members must accept the terms and condition of Geebsys as set out below:


Joining Geebsys

You can apply to join as a Member of Geebsys by completing the online registration. By applying to become a member you accept these rules.

  1. The member is solely responsible for correctness of information provided during registration. Member’s registration is liable to be cancelled and any earned points forfeited, if at any point of time this information is found to be wrong.
  2. Member’s email id, mobile number etc. would be used very actively to provide a lot of vital information to the member. Therefore correctness of this information must be ensured by the member.
  3. The member is solely responsible to keep his/her information up-to-date (by editing profile) as and when it changes.
  4. The registration process has been kept very simple, however, after registration, the member must login and edit profile to enter certain other information such as address, recent photo etc. All such information is related to member’s identity and may be used to contact the member. Therefore editing /maintenance of such information is also sole responsibility of the member.
  5. For each individual or an organisation (an organisation may be ‘a company’, ‘a firm’, ‘an NGO’, a government body’, ‘a school’, ‘a college’ etc.) a separate account is to be created. Joint accounts are not allowed.
  6. An individual or an organisation is allowed to maintain only one account. 


Geebsys Member Rules

These Rules (including our Policy on Privacy and Data Protection) govern the collection and use of Points and other aspects of our programme and set out the terms of the contract between Geebsys ("us/we") and each Member ("you").


Earning/Transferring Points

  1. Points are earned only when the work registered by you is approved by the approver(s). These points can be redeemed/transferred only after these have been approved.
  2. Green points specified for any activity are determined using multiple criteria. We reserve the right to determine and change green points allocated to an activity from time to time. In case you are in disagreement with green points allocated to an activity, you may notify the same to us by sending an email mentioned in our contact details. However, you do not have a right to protest in any manner  due to any such disagreement and you undertake to indemnify from any protests/ dispute/ action, whatsoever.
  3. Through our website, we only provide you a platform for knowing about activities of social interest, entering your work, and transferring your work/ green points to the other users. You shall keep us immune from any dispute of any nature, arising between you and other users/ members. Any transfer of benefits, agreed between the two users exchanging the points with each other, and legality of transfer of these benefits, is solely the responsibility of the users involved..
  4. Many organisations/individuals may advertise promotional schemes on our website. We shall not be held responsible for verifying authenticity of these promotional schemes. The user undertakes to indemnify us against any dispute arising out of the following:
  1. Authenticity/correctness/completeness of the information mentioned in the promotional schemes
  2. Any problem in executing the promotional scheme.
  3. Details mentioned in the promotional schemes may also be altered under certain circumstances (even though generally such practice is avoidable). The company/individual advertising the promotional scheme reserves right to alter these details. Neither shall we nor the company/individual advertising the promotional scheme be held responsible for any alterations done to the scheme at any point of time.
  1. There might be certain problems in the software executing on our website resulting in malfunction. Any such problem noticed by a member, shall be informed to us immediately..  

Promotional Scheme Offers

  1. Each Promotional Scheme has a promotional code associated with it. A work intended to be registered under a promotional scheme, must have the promotional code specified.  The promotional code may be used by the promoter/sponsor in passing on the benefits to the members who carried out work under a particular Promotional Scheme. We shall not be responsible for any dispute arising between the promoter and the members redeeming the benefits under that scheme if Promotional code is not specified in the approved work.
  2. Promoter/Sponsor as well as Geebsys reserves the right to amend and withdraw Promotional Schemes from website at any time. For all Promotional Schemes transactions are made directly between the promoters/Sponsors and the relevant user and we have no responsibility for the delivery, standard, quality or otherwise of any goods and services received or supplied or the failure of a user to honour an offer or make a specific offer available.


Maintaining Your Account

  1. You will receive regular updates regarding your Points balance, scheme progress and participation. You will also be able to see your latest Points balance, and details of Points earned and redeemed, in the "work ledger, & green points ledger” section of our website.
  2. You may close your Geebsys Account at any time by notifying us. Any Points balance will be lost when you close your Account.
  3. We may close your Geebsys Account if you have not earned or redeemed any Points for a continuous period of at least 12 months, at which point your Points become null and void. We may also, on notifying you, immediately suspend or terminate your membership rights, and/or close your Geebsys Account, if you have been involved in any theft from or misconduct in connection with us, or any User; if you supply false or misleading information to us or if you are abusive or offensive to any other member or our team.
  4. Points can only be earned, held, transferred, sale, gift, donate, exchanged or redeemed as set out in these Rules. Any other misuse of Points, or attempt to do so, is a serious breach of these Rules.
  5. You are responsible for the security of your Geebsys Account and the log in details used to access your online Account information. You should notify us immediately if you suspect that someone else is using your log in details so that we can suspend your Account & provide new log in information. We will not be responsible if any of your Points are redeemed by someone else in possession of your log in details.


Collection and Use of Data

Our Policy on Privacy and Data Protection (which is incorporated into and forms part of these Rules) sets out the information that we will gather on you, how this information will be used and who it may be shared with the others. This site/ system is based on the HTI/JTI concept, which means HTI – Happy To Inform & JTI – Just To Inform, i.e. the data gathered is for the Information Library. Geebsys may use (information data) , edit, alter, reproduce, publish any format and media on website related to any social news or any other information for the more awareness among people or for their welfare or the society as a whole.


Green points terms and conditions

  1. Geebsys reserves the right to alter the number of Green Points earned at any time
  2. Geebsys reserves the right to withdraw or change the Green Points scheme at any time.
  3. Users who have earned Green Points are under no obligation to sale or redeem or transfer their points.
  4. Green Points may only be redeemed against products bought directly from promotional scheme code users.
  5. Geebsys can take any action if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the scheme.



If you wish to complain about anything wrong posted to the website, please contact us at When you submit a complaint, please outline the reason for your complaint.

We may request further information from you about your complaint before we process it. We will then review the complaint and decide whether it complies with our Acceptable Use Standards. We may inform you of the outcome of our decision within a reasonable time of receiving your complaint. Our decision shall be final.



Geebsys hereby declares that all the contents on the website including the entire ideology of “Geebsys” is the exclusive proprietary material of Geebsys and Sh. Virander Mohan. It is hereby further declared that the entire user/ member data collected during the functioning of the website is also the proprietary material of Sh. Virander Mohan. Geebsys will have the right to freely use, edit, alter, reproduce or publish any format and media on website. Geebsys may exercise all copyright and publicity rights to their full extent and for the full period. We reserve the right to display advertisements on website.


Changes to these rules

We may revise these Rules at any time. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, as they are legally binding on you and will apply to you from the date the change was made. You agree to accept and comply with any changes to the rules if you use the Geebsys after the change is made.  Geebsys reserves the right to change or update these Terms and Conditions at any time