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Team Members

Shri Sanjay Malhotra

Shri Sanjay Malhotra is a B.E degree holder and has been instrumental in indigenous development of various hardware and software products in the field of Industrial Control Systems. He firmly believes that we are living in a world which has a lopsided bend towards materialism in order to achieve ever elusive comfortable and peaceful life. This phenomenon has not only deprived the human race of its peace, but also has degraded the environment, which in turn has had adverse effect on fauna and flora. He dreams of a world where technology and materials are used more sensibly and where humans live closer to nature. Taking a cue from Swami Vivekananda’s teachings, he argues why do we humans think ourselves to be any higher than the animals when It is the same soul inside each body? What right do we then have to destroy their habitats or to ill-treat them on the streets? 
Shri Sanjay Malhotra is associated with Geebsys from its very inception and has taken the cause of Geebsys further by providing technical support in preparation of the Geebsys’ website. 

Ms. Mansi

Ms. Mansi has completed her post graduation in MBA (marketing) & graduation in BCA (Bachelor in computer application), as well diploma in multimedia animation course. She believes life is a one time opportunity, “we must do what we wish to do in this life.” With the time, our society lost the value of humanity and destroyed our mother nature. The social & environmental problems we are facing are global in nature. Climate change, overpopulation, poverty, illiteracy etc. She often thinks , “ The first step to achieve any goal , is to step forward to do something that’s the only way through which we can make peace with issues of our world , our society and our own. “ Everyone must understand their responsibility to protect the nature, support the people who need help & help each other in any possible way they can.

Everyone have capabilities. One must use their caliber, not only in terms of money but in terms of knowledge, which you can share, by volunteering to do something acknowledgeable. The moment She heard the concept of geebsys . She becomes the part of it where she can help the people through her knowledge from multiple fields. She began as a coordinator and wishes to take it to another level.

“ We can’t change what’s done but we can do from what we have. “

Mr. Hemant Singh

Mr. Hemant singh has completed his graduation from University of Delhi, Satyawati college. Now currently he is pursuing ACCA (Global CA).

He has worked with many different NGO's, and gained ample experience in the field of social work.

His ideology is "Think Less Do More", so he is usually involved in different societal work. His dream is to make India a better Place to live.

He thinks GEEBSYS is a very unique platform not only for NGO's or companies doing CSR activities but also for every individual who want's to make a positive change in the society.


Mr. Ankur Sharan

Ankur Sharan Born in Allahabad, Ankur Sharan, 33 year Old young dynamic guy belong from The Corporate World. A Supply Chain Professional with a decade of experience in Global Market, Certified from IIT Delhi in Global Logistics. Creativity is his passion and Green activist by nature. Residing in Faridabad since 2003. Three Times winner in Faridabad Flower show in various categories which boosted his passion towards Greenery on a very professional front and now working extensively to make his City Faridabad a Smart and Green City in association with various RWA, Green Activists, Politicians, NGO's and Smart HR51 Team. He plant a tree on his every birthday, be it at his own Garden or Society and recognized by various Institutions. Recently lost his younger brother in March 2017 who had severe Lung infection may be due to polluted Air, he wished if he can place him in some good ecological zone, but the Question is Where ? He Planted a tree in his memory at Kankhal, Haridwar. His "Dream Green" journey has just begun. He has made resolution to make awareness with immediate effect in association with "Geebsys Forum" as in recent Survey Delhi is number one in pollution and Faridabad is on the second which is an alarming situation for every individual. Act now, tomorrow will be too late. Some were optimistic that a start had been made; some said that the earth's ecological situation was in a far more perilous state than had been thought. But who are the people who can bring about change, the pioneers coming up with radical solutions? We can modify our lifestyles, but that will never be enough. Who are the politicians most able to force society and industry to do things differently? Where are the green shoots that will get us out of the global ecological mess? Be the change first and let's do our responsibility by Planting and make it in our habit. We dream of a Smart Country, Let's make a habit of Living Creative Life Style and then Act smarter. Ankur Sharan is associated with Geebsys from its very inception and has taken the cause of Geebsys further by providing CSR support in making Geebsys nation wide. His Official Website is

Mr. Sameer Sehgal

Mr. Sameer Sehgal owner of Sam's International, Medical & Fitness equipment manufacturer and Importers with experience of almost 30 years in the Industry (from Delhi), Professionally Engineer & MBA and supporting hundreds of young talent in different fields of operations, also does lots of social work and addresses issues for common people, holds posts in many Social & Business organization in different capacities. Nature lover and have organized many plantation drives across Delhi and has been instrumental in planting more than 10000 plants and organized more than 1000 seminars conferences, meetings for business and social cause. Websites: