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Category : PLANT A TREE
Company / Username : GEEBSYS
Event Title : Tree Planting Marriage Ceremony
Event Date : 05-Jun-2016 to 04-Nov-2016
Total green points needed : 2020000
Code : 000003

As we all know about the World Environment Day which is on 5th of June. 
GEEBSYS have come up with a new idea which will be  initiated with the help of newly married couples. The couples who are getting married or will get married, we request them, if possible to start their marriage life by helping and bringing some changes in the society and the environment by planting 101 trees and inspire and motivate others to do the same to save the environment. Even friends and relatives of the couple can also plant a tree as a gift for them. This is the new initiative which will help in sustaining the environment in a new way as the effort is being made by the new generation couples who understand the importance of the environment.
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